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W2700 (8)

W2700 (8)

 1. Imported Isuzu engine can adapt to extreme temperature conditions (-30℃~+ 50 ℃). It features strong power, reliable performance, big torque and low fuel consumption, low noise, and low emission.


2. Hydraulic system adopts energy-saving control, which can fully exert engine power and reduce the hydraulic loss. Main parts are all originally imported products, featuring superior performance, reasonable match and reliable quality. Featuring high efficiency and energy saving, impact-free, smooth movement and power conditioning, the negative hydraulic flow control system has complete functions and ensures all individual and combined operations.


3. High reliability undercarriage has excellent anti-torsion and anti-bending capability; sturdy rotary platform is more safe and convenient with service pathways at both sides.


4. Electrical system: embedded display shows parameters of combined instruments; vehicle mounted GPS remote control system.


5. Reinforced boom is more adaptable to harsh work conditions. In addition to reasonable structural design, imported welding robots and CNC machining centers and other advanced equipment are used in the manufacturing processes, which ensure reliability.


  • W2700 (8)

    W2700 (8)

    Items\Model   W2700-8 Standard bucket capacity  m³ 3.5


  • W2215 (8)

    W2215 (8)

    Items\Model   W2215-8 Standard bucket capacity  m³ 0.9


  • W2150 (8)

    W2150 (8)

    Items\Model   W2150-8 Standard bucket capacity  m³ 0.53


  • W265 (8)

    W265 (8)

    Items\Model   W265-8 Standard bucket capacity  m³ 0.23


  • W2500LC (8)

    W2500LC (8)

    Items\Model   W2500LC-8 Standard bucket capacity  m³ 2.2


  • W218


    Items\Model   W218 Standard bucket capacity  m³ 0.05


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